Magnetic Stripe Card

Magnetic Stripe Card is made from high-strength high-temperature-resistant plastic or paper-coated plastic, damp-proof, wear-proof, flexible, portable, stable and reliable. In general, one side of the magnetic card is printed information tips, e.g.: direction of inserting the card; another side of the magnetic card has magnetic layer or magnetic stripe, with 2-3 magnetic tracks recording relevant information data.

Application: The magnetic stripe has three magnetic tracks. The former two magnetic tracks are read-only magnetic tracks, and the third magnetic track is read-write magnetic track, e.g.: recording book balance, etc. The magnetic card is relatively simple and easy in reading and writing information, easy in use and low in cost, so it has got developed early, and has been applied to many fields, e.g.: telephone prepaid card, rate card, appointment card, entrance ticket, deposit card, credit card, etc.

Features of Magnetic Stripe Card

Features of Magnetic Stripe: Data are readable and writable, that is, the capacity of changing data on the site; data storage can meet demands; easy in use and low in cost. These advantages broaden the magnetic card’s application fields, e.g.: credit card, bank ATM card, membership card, cash card (such as telephone magnetic card), air ticket, bus ticket, vending card, etc. The limiting factor of the magnetic card technology is that time of the data storage is restricted by the durability of the magnetic particle polarity. Additionally, data security of the magnetic card is relatively low, e.g.: careless contact of magnetic material results in loss or disorder of the magnetic card’s data; to enhance security performance of the data storage, the magnetic card must use related technologies, which increase the cost. With the development of new technology, the magnetic card with relatively-poor security performance is gradually replaced. Under the existing conditions, due to a large number of existing magnetic card equipment, maturity of the magnetic card and low cost, the magnetic card technology is still applied to many fields in a short term.

AT24C02 Contact IC Card

AT24C02 Contact IC Card-AT24C02-001 is one type of Contact IC Card, it’s Consists of the chip, the sensor antenna,it’s Packaged in a standard PVC, ABS, PET material card, No exposed parts of the card.the AT24C02 Contact IC Card Reading and writing process, ibetween coupled resonant circuit with the reader via radio waves or contact contact To complete the read and write operations. the AT24C02 Contact IC Card is a non-powered,When the reader read and write to the card reader signals superimposed on the composition consists of two parts: one part is a power signal, the signal received by the card, rather than their own L / C resonance, producing an instant energy tosupply chips work. The other part is a combination of data signals, the command chip to complete the modification of data, storage and return it to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. The data on the card can save more than 10 years long,it’s use to attendance , access control , schools , business , patrol management,hotel.etc

 Contact IC Card Specification
 Material    PVC, ABS, PET
 Size Standard: 20*45mm, 30*50mm, 86*54*0.76mm, 160*90mm or customized
 Thickness  For the pvc card, thichkness:0.38-2mm, for the chip pvc card. thickness:0.86-2mm
 Chip Type  AT24C02
 Work Frequency
Surface Glossy, Matte and Frost
Available Artworks/Crafts Gold/silver hot stamping | Embossed number | Gold/slver wire drawing
Gold/sliver silk-screen printing | Lase  logo | UV spot | Barcode | QR code ect.
Application attendance , access control , schools , business , patrol management,hotel.etc..
  Declare The attached picture is only reference. We provide services of designing 
and  manufacturingaccording to customer requirements.
 Packaging 200pcs/box, 25boxes/carton, Box size: 22.5*9.3*6cm, carton size:47*23.5*30cm Weight: 1000pcs 7KG, 5000pcs 35KG
Payment Just accpet TT or Western Union or Alibaba Trade Assurance System(cc)
Delivery Time   3-7 working days after all detail is confirmed and recieved the payment

125KHz RFID card inlay/card prelam

125KHz RFID card inlay/card prelam, made of PVC/PET material, with about 0.5mm thickness, widely used for ISO card making.

Specifications :
1>Material: PVC or PET;
Antenna material: Copper,Aluminium foil;
2>Layout: 3×7, 5×5,3×8,4×8,4×6, 2×5,2×4, or any Customization of CR80 card or any unit antenna size;
3>Dimension: 310mm x 468mm, Max. size 520mm x420mm, A4 210mm x297;
4>Thickness: 0.5mm, customiztaion(0.06mm for UHF inlay);
5>Available Chip Model:EM4200, EM4100/EM4102, TK4100;Mifare 1K, Mifare 4K, Mifare Ultralight, I CODE SLI, UHF;
6>Antenna: Cooper, AL, Ultrasonic;
7>Protocol: ISO14443,ISO15693,ISO 18000;
8>Read range: More than 50mm with our reader;
9>Working temperature: -25°C ~ +55°C;
10>Store temperature: -25°C ~ +65°C;
11>Sample Supply: Free samples are available on your request;

Atmel AT24C64 Contact IC Cards

AT24C64 contact smart card is one of the most popular memory chip card that used in Hotel, Membership, E-ticket, etc. We promise the stable function, good printing, thickness, cost control, fast delivery, strong package.

1)Material: High Quality PVC/ABS/PET/PETG;
2)Size: ISO CR80 standard(86mm x 54mm) or customized;
3)Thickness: on your demond;
4)Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz or 125Khz;
5)Standard: depend on the chips;
6)Read Distance: depend on the chips;
7)Read Times: >100 000;
8)Certificate: ISO 9001-2000,SGS;
9)Available Crafts: 4 color off-set printing,magnetic stripe,embossing number,signature panel,photo,barcode,thermal printing, gold/shiver color scratch-off,series number punch,hole punched,UV printing,etc;
10)Package Details:
For standard card(85.5*54*0.86mm): White box: 6*9.3*22.5 CM(200pcs/box) Cart
We are one of the best Smart Cards manufacturers China, we also supply different types of Contact IC Cards products, waiting for your pleasant cooperation!

SLE4442 Contact IC Smart Cards

SLE4442 Contact IC Smart Cards

SLE4442 is one of the most popular chip card that used in security area,such as access control,loyalty system,etc. The striking advantages are stable function and the most cost-efficient price.

1)Material: High Quality PVC/ABS/PET/PETG;
2)Size: ISO CR80 standard(86mm x 54mm) or customized;
3)Thickness: on your demond;
4)Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz or 125Khz;
5)Standard: depend on the chips;
6)Read Distance: depend on the chips;
7)Read Times: >100 000;
8)Certificate: ISO 9001-2000,SGS;
9)Available Crafts: 4 color off-set printing,magnetic stripe,embossing number,signature panel,photo,barcode,thermal printing, gold/shiver color scratch-off,series number punch,hole punched,UV printing,etc;
10)Package Details:
For standard card(85.5*54*0.86mm): White box: 6*9.3*22.5 CM(200pcs/box) Carton: 52.5*22.5*15 CM(10boxes/CTN)
Standard size card weight (only for reference):1,000pcs is for 6kg;
11)MOQ: 500pcs;
12)Sample Supply: Free samples are available on your request;

enterprises,bank,traffic,insurance,super marketing,parking,school,library management access control,etc;

Ultra-thin Proximity Card & Inlay

Proximity (125 KHz) cards are widely used in our RFID industry. The popular RFID chips are EM4200, TK4100 and T5577 etc.The typical thickness of such cards is under 0.84mm(0.033 inch).
With the ID card printer, customer personalizes Photos, Card Numbers and other info on the white-blank or preprinted proximity cards.

Due to traditional production technologies, many manufacturers produce the proximity inlay over 0.50mm thickness,finished cards’ thickness over 0.90mm, which already exceed ISO standard!

In order to overcome such challenge and bring you the wonderful thermal printing results, combines with innovative technologies, Smartchipsystem now launched the new solutions of Super-plain & Ultra-thin proximity inlay with 0.4mm thickness!

1.Ultra-thin thickness (0.40mm), suitable for making ultra-flat & ultra-thin card (less than 0.8mm)
2.Perfect personalized printing effect on finished cards , no marks on chip and coils area
3.Better physical performance of bending & torsion
4.Mature production technologies, higher throughout

Brief Specification

Antenna Cooper winding coils
Available ICs L.F chips(EM4200,TK4100,T5577…)
Thickness ≥0.40mm
Material PVC,PET
Frequency 125KHz
Reading distance 0-20cm(depends on your reader)
Layout On request
Temperature -25℃ ~ 65℃
Delivery format Pre-laminated Sheet Inlay
Application For all card manufacturers

1.Inlays are 100% function tested, dimension & visual inspection
Quality Guarantee:

2.Strict production & QC process control according to ISO system

3.Proven quality level for global customers over 30 countries now

RFID Sheet Inlay

RFID Inlays can be used in contactless card and RFID label mass production. Smartchipsystem is a qualified Inlays manufacturer in China, who has complete automatic facilities. We are offering highly cost-effective and high quality Inlays semi-product to global customers. Various shape & dimension are available.

In order to reduce cost and enhance competence, more and more foreign card vendors & manufacturers are moving their production capacity or plants to China. Outsourcing semi-product of contactless card, RFID and even un-personalized smart card in China is a certain trend now!

Materials :PVC
Colour :white or transparent
LF,HF,UHF, Combi &Dual-Interface available
Different sheet formats and customized antenna possible
Excellent electrical performance and reliability
Very flat, high-quality surface finish


Antenna Material Copper Antenna
Available IC LF,HF or UHF
Sheet Format 2×5, 3×7, 3×8, 4×8, 5×5 Other formats on request
Inlay material PVC
Thickness LF:0.48±0.02m


Antenna Shape Rectangle,Round ,Oval etc
Fiducials Cross marks as standard,Options: customer specific fiducials
Operating temperature -20℃ ~ +70℃
Delivery format Sheet

Dual Interface Card

Dual Interface Card is a microprocessor card which has one chip with contactless & contact interfaces. It can be used at banking, transportation, healthcare, ID, Government and other areas that need larger memory and higher security than a standard contactless & contact memory card.

Thanks mature chip technologies from players like NXP, Infineon, ST, FUDAN, HuaHong etc and related OS & solution suppliers. After years’ experiences of production & development, now we are proudly ready to support your project of Dual Interface Card with superb and stable quality for mass production.

We hava 2 ways to help you on Dual Inter-face Card supply.
1.Chip consign and OEM Card making service. If you already defined the chip model & source likes from NXP, we can help you on card making. You are welcome to consign chips to our facility for card’s building.

Here after are the typical Dual Interface chips from NXP JCOP series:

Code Brief Name Platform/Spec Memory (bytes)
CJ3A040 J3A040 JCOP 2.4.1 40k
CJ3A080 J3A080 JCOP 2.4.1 80k
CJ3A081 J3A081 JCOP 2.4.1 80k
CJ0BLA5 JCOP31/36k JavaCard 2.2.1 36k (Mifare 1K)
(Mifare1K Emulation ) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA3 JCOP31/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 1K)
(Mifare1K Emulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA8 JCOP31/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 4K)
(Mifare 4K Emulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA4 JCOP41/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 4K)
(Mifare 4K Emaulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1

Please note that JCOP 10, JCOP 21, JCOP 31 and JCOP 41 are being replaced by the J2A and J3A family of products

2. If you have new project needs Dual Interface card solutions. We have ability to work with you and System Integrator or Card Issuer together for R&D and pilot run.
Java Series Chips & Smart Cards
Short Data Sheet

Product Status
Product Name UCOS 3.0 JCOP Chips & Smart Cards
Product Life Status Product in certification–Sample avaliable
Certification BCTC Certified(PBOC 3.0, PBOC 2.0)
NSICCS Certification expected for March, 15
VISA, MasterCard Certification expected for September, 15
Main Characteristics
ROM Applets Dual PBOC 3.0, Dual PBOC 2.0, NSICCS 1.1, Dual PSE 1.2
EEPROM Applets
User Memory Available 40K~80Kbytes
Standard Compliance
JC Release 2.2.1
GP Release 2.1.1
Contact Interface
Standard Compliance ISO 7816
T=0 Yes
T=1 Yes
Contactless Interface
Standard Compliance ISO 14443-2, -3, -4 Type A with Mifare 1K emulation
T=CL Yes
Baud Tate 106Kbit/s, 212Kbit/s, 424Kbit/s in both ways
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Cryptographic Algorithms
AES Yes: 16,24 and 32 btyes
RSA Yes up to 2048 bit
SHA1 Yes
SHA256 Yes
Card Body
Chip From/Type Contact, Contactless, Dual Interface
Various module industrial packaging forms on demand
Antenna Full size(restricted embossing area)
Standard Compliance ISO 14443-1 compliant, etc.
Material Banking grade PVC with overlay for posting personalization
Technology Hot lamination etc regular card manufacturing technologies
Magnetic Stripe ISO 7811 -4, -5 compliant

Clamshell Card

Clamshell Card,It is a cost-effective solution,compared to ISO card. Very robust card in clamshell housing. Very durable for long time use. With slot.

Dimension:85.6 x 54 x 1.8mm
Material: ABS
Frequency: 125KHz, 13.56MHz, 860-960MHz

ID Badge
Campus ID
Security/Access Control
Building Security

Print: offset, silkscreen
Serial number printing: thermal or inkjet format
Signature panel, Scratch off, Hologram, Laser film
Magnetic stripe: LoCo 300 Oe, HiCo 2750 Oe or 4000 Oe
Embossing, Hot-stamping, Hole punching
Encoding, UV printing, Color photo printing

Ordering Information
Delivery Term
<10k pcs: within 15 working days
≥10k pcs: to be negotiated
Payment term
TT in advance or L/C
Others on request

Combining two kinds of chip in one card
Dual frequency card: LF+HF, LF+UHF, HF+UHF Other combinations are available on reuquest
Muti-applications, high level of security
Size: CR80 standard — 85.6mm×54mm
Material: PVC / PC / PET / PETG / …

RFID Paper Card/Ticket

RFID tickets are increasingly being employed for authentication and access control in transportation and other environments, improving efficiency and convenience while helping to quickly and safely process high volumes of travellers or visitors.

Typical Applications:
Mass transportation
Access control
ID and authentication
Events,e.g. ski-ticketing, stadiums, concerts, amusement parks
Ultra-thin Card

Ticket options:single, fan-fold(Leporello), on roll
Disposable one-way and durable multi-use tickets
Blank, printed(single side, double sided)
Design flexbility
Better resistance to bending and distortion
Higher throughout but lower cost
Supported standards:ISO 15693, ISO 14443A/B
Etched Al inlays with direct chip bonding to avoid module bumps on ticket surface
Materials: paper, thermal direct paper, PET, others on request
RFID chips from NXP, Infineon, EM, Inside , others on request
Encoding and personalization services

Available chip: Mifare S50, S70, I CODE SLI,Ultralight, U CODE HSL, U CODE EPC G2, etc.
Size: 85.6×54(standard), 152×102…(customized).
Thickness: according to customer’s requirements.
Material: 80/120g coated paper, 80g offset paper…
Surface printing: overlay / gloss oil effect, etc.
Specific requirements: moisture-proof…
Finish: single card (mold cutting / polishing) joint cards.