Dual Interface Card

Dual Interface Card is a microprocessor card which has one chip with contactless & contact interfaces. It can be used at banking, transportation, healthcare, ID, Government and other areas that need larger memory and higher security than a standard contactless & contact memory card.

Thanks mature chip technologies from players like NXP, Infineon, ST, FUDAN, HuaHong etc and related OS & solution suppliers. After years’ experiences of production & development, now we are proudly ready to support your project of Dual Interface Card with superb and stable quality for mass production.

We hava 2 ways to help you on Dual Inter-face Card supply.
1.Chip consign and OEM Card making service. If you already defined the chip model & source likes from NXP, we can help you on card making. You are welcome to consign chips to our facility for card’s building.

Here after are the typical Dual Interface chips from NXP JCOP series:

Code Brief Name Platform/Spec Memory (bytes)
CJ3A040 J3A040 JCOP 2.4.1 40k
CJ3A080 J3A080 JCOP 2.4.1 80k
CJ3A081 J3A081 JCOP 2.4.1 80k
CJ0BLA5 JCOP31/36k JavaCard 2.2.1 36k (Mifare 1K)
(Mifare1K Emulation ) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA3 JCOP31/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 1K)
(Mifare1K Emulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA8 JCOP31/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 4K)
(Mifare 4K Emulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1
CJ0BLA4 JCOP41/72k JavaCard 2.2.1 72k (Mifare 4K)
(Mifare 4K Emaulation) Visa GlobalPlatform 2.1.1

Please note that JCOP 10, JCOP 21, JCOP 31 and JCOP 41 are being replaced by the J2A and J3A family of products

2. If you have new project needs Dual Interface card solutions. We have ability to work with you and System Integrator or Card Issuer together for R&D and pilot run.
Java Series Chips & Smart Cards
Short Data Sheet

Product Status
Product Name UCOS 3.0 JCOP Chips & Smart Cards
Product Life Status Product in certification–Sample avaliable
Certification BCTC Certified(PBOC 3.0, PBOC 2.0)
NSICCS Certification expected for March, 15
VISA, MasterCard Certification expected for September, 15
Main Characteristics
ROM Applets Dual PBOC 3.0, Dual PBOC 2.0, NSICCS 1.1, Dual PSE 1.2
EEPROM Applets
User Memory Available 40K~80Kbytes
Standard Compliance
JC Release 2.2.1
GP Release 2.1.1
Contact Interface
Standard Compliance ISO 7816
T=0 Yes
T=1 Yes
Contactless Interface
Standard Compliance ISO 14443-2, -3, -4 Type A with Mifare 1K emulation
T=CL Yes
Baud Tate 106Kbit/s, 212Kbit/s, 424Kbit/s in both ways
Operating Frequency 13.56MHz
Cryptographic Algorithms
AES Yes: 16,24 and 32 btyes
RSA Yes up to 2048 bit
SHA1 Yes
SHA256 Yes
Card Body
Chip From/Type Contact, Contactless, Dual Interface
Various module industrial packaging forms on demand
Antenna Full size(restricted embossing area)
Standard Compliance ISO 14443-1 compliant, etc.
Material Banking grade PVC with overlay for posting personalization
Technology Hot lamination etc regular card manufacturing technologies
Magnetic Stripe ISO 7811 -4, -5 compliant

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