Contactless IC Card

The Contactless card range consists of read-only low-frequency ID cards, MIFARE® cards, TypeB cards and CPU cards.
These cards are used for a variety of purposes e.g. identification and electronic wallet etc. As the transmission of power and data requires no physical contact with the card, users can truly enjoy the ease-of-use of contactless technology. No longer do users have to worry about damage during card contact with readers or stains on contact surfaces that may hinder data transmission.

Product Advantages:
As there is no physical contact between card and reader, previous causes for failure e.g. bad reader/card
contacts are significantly minimized
Easy & fast operation
Eliminates the need to insert and retrieve cards from readers, therefore ensuring more user-friendliness.
This product can work within a 10cm distance from the card reader.
This product also works well regardless of orientation or card reader position.
Capable of Multiple Applications
Its special memory structure enables multiple applications to run on this card. It can also run on a variety of systems. Users can define their own code and access condition for each application respectively.
Excellent Authentication and Security
A unique serial number is assigned and written into each card during its manufacturing phase. This serial
number can never be changed after the card leaves the factory.
A mutual validation standard is adopted between card and reader, meaning, the reader needs to verify the
card and the card needs to verify the reader before any transmission can begin.

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