RFID Regulation

RFID Regulation

There is no global body that has set RFID regulation in stone; every country has its own rules. Low frequency and High frequency RFID tags can be used globally without a license, but UHF may not be used globally due to the lack of accepted standards. For example: in North America, limitations exist on UHF usage, specifically targeting transmission power. These limitations are not accepted by France because UHF interferes with military bands.

As well, there are regulations for health and environmental issues. In Europe, it is illegal to dispose of boxes with RFID tags because of the possibility of damaging sensitive recycling machinery. Potential health risks are associated with the Electromagnetic Field surrounding RFID tags; every country has specific regulations regarding this concern.

The following is a list of many standards that apply to RFID technology:

ISO 11784 & 11785 – These standards regulate the Radio frequency identification of animals in regards to Code Structure and Technical concept

ISO 14223/1- Radio frequency identification of Animals, advanced transponders – Air interface

ISO 10536 – Close coupled cards

ISO 14443 – Proximity cards

ISO 15693 – Vicinity cards

ISO 18000 – RFID for item Management; Air Interface

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