Laundry Management

Laundry Management
RFID Laundry tags enable companies to track linens, clothing, rags and other assets leading to efficient inventory management. Each laundry tag has a unique identification number which helps track every garment individually, quickly and accurately. Omnia’s laundry tags can be easily patched in garments and linens. They are designed to withstand pressure, heat and chemical exposure.

Benefits of Laundry Tracking/ Management:
* Real time tracking of the laundry items from point of pick-up, through sorting, washing or dry-cleaning, packaging and distribution.
* Reduced handling time at check in and check out on site and off site
* Automatic identification of misplaced and stolen items.
* Accurate data capture regarding item lifecycle, inventory control, reusable asset sterilization control as well as automatic billing to end users.

Common industrial laundry management users:
* Commercial launderers and dry cleaners for efficient inventory control and accurate billing
* Healthcare facilities to track and ensure sterilization of reusable linens and patient clothing
* Hospitality industry for inventory control, minimizing theft and pilferage, along with lifecycle management of assets.

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