Access Control

Access Control
RFID for employee access control systems is being used world-wide. There are many areas in which RFID tags are carried by people to allow them to gain access to facilities or services:
* Secure access to work place and residential complexes
* Controlled access to dangerous/secure equipment including vehicles and public transport
* Access to leisure and recreational facilities such as gymnasiums and sports clubs

OPRFID Technologies produces RFID tags in a wide variety of physical form factors to suit different deployment requirements. The most common form factor is a flat plastic card the same size as a credit card, often used as an access control pass to gain access to office buildings or other secure areas. Key fob tags are also quite common, designed to be attached to a key ring so they’re always handy for operating access control systems. In some cases, reusable or disposable wristbands are also used for personal identification and check-in at events.
Usage of RFID tags for access & security not only allow higher measures of safety and security, but also help maintain better data records and control of monetary payments wherever involved.

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