How many bytes can a NFC tag store?

A standard ‘Ultralight’ chip NFC tag can store a URL of around 41 characters, whereas the newer NTAG213 chip nfc tag can store a URL of around 132 characters. There are 4 NFC types as below :

NFC Type 1 tags
Type 1 tags have 96 bytes of memory, enough for a URL or a small amount of data. The tag’s memory can expand to a larger size as needed. The low price makes type 1 tags to ideal choice for most near field communication(NFC) needs.

NFC Type 2 tags
NFC Type 2 tags start at 48 bytes of memory. it also have data collision protection and can be rewriteable or read-only .

NFC Type 3 tags
NFC tag type 3 has larger memory and faster speeds than tag types 1 and 2. This tag is part of the FeliCa system. The bigger size lets it hold more complex codes beyond URLs, but it costs more to create each tag.

NFC Type 4 tags
The NFC Type 4 tags holds 32 Kbytes in memory and has faster speeds than the other tags.can use either NFC-A or NFC-B communication and have data collision protection.

Usually, all information is stored in a specific data format (NDEF – NFC data exchange format) so that it can be reliably read by most devices and mobile phones.

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