What is RFID Enabled Asset Tracking?

Assets, in this instance, is tangible property belonging to a business, such as computers, copiers, and so on.

Keeping track of that property is important to the financial well-being to a company. Losing and replacing such equipment can be expensive.

An RFID tag an help reduce such loss, be it stolen equipment walking out the door, or just put somewhere unexpected (a laptop computer inadvertently left in a desk drawer or file cabinet is just as much of a loss due to its unavailability than if it had been stolen). RFID tracking can be used to “follow” equipment in and out of various doors (knowing a laptop entered an office door and never came out certainly reduces search time to locate it). It can also “see” the thing exit the building, often associated with an employee’s ID card number.

Asset tracking can also be used in the products a company uses or sells. It can keep track of everything inside a closed carton, without opening and manually inventorying the carton. It can be used to follow components and materials through the shipping or manufacturing stages, with minimal human intervention, making it faster, less laborious, and sometimes easier to improve a company’s way of doing things.

Finally, RFID tracking can be used by stores to reduce theft loss, and possibly charge a customer for their purchase by merely having the customer walk through the establishment’s doors, without the necessity of joining a check-out lin.

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