Future UHF RFID technology development trend

For the increasingly sophisticated UHF RFID technology, the future development of ultra-high frequency RFID technology is how it? In April 2016, the world’s largest RFID industry, Alien’s global product manager Mr. Ouquan “retail industry RFID application difficulties and core technology analysis” as the title of their own views, pointed out that the future development of UHF RFID technology has three main directions: Positioning, encryption, sensor integration.
It is noteworthy that, in the fast-growing market expectations, China’s UHF RFID market there are still some constraints. Over the past two years, ultra-high frequency electronic label prices fell rapidly, but from the RFID chip and including readers, electronic tags, middleware, system maintenance and other overall costs, UHF RFID system prices are still high, and the project Cost is an important indicator of the end-user trade-off investment income.

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