Benefits and Characteristics of RFID

Nowadays, RFID is already having a significant impact on many businesses.
RFID can deliver benefits in many areas from tracking work in progress to speeding up throughput in a warehouse and so on.

Here is the list of RFID benefits and features.
* RFID (Tag) can be read from a distance and from any orientation
* RFID(Tag) do not require line of sight to read
* RFID (Tag) have both read and write capabilities
* RFID (Tag) Can provide large amounts of data
* RFID (Tag) can be embedded easily into different objects
* RFID (Tag) can read at rapid rates- at a speed of up to 1,000 tags per second
* RFID (Tag) can be read in harsh environments where operating temperatures range from 22 degree Fahrenheit to +159 degree Fahrenheit
* RFID (Tag) is costly but efficient
* RFID (Tag) do not get damaged easily
* RFID system offers permanent identification- tags encrypt information with unique identification
* RFID reduces administrative error, labor costs associated with scanning, reading and shipping
* RFID improves businesses and guarantee traceability
* RFID can help to improve the forecasting

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