What is RFID Reader?

Basic function of the RFID reader is to converse with the RFID tag by originating radio waves from its antenna.
The RFID readers are classified on their variety, such as Microwave frequency, UHF (Ultra-high frequency), HF (High frequency) and LF (Low frequency) that are 5.8 GHz to 125 KHz. There costs are also reliant on their range; Microwave frequency readers are costliest, LF readers are the cheapest.

Mainly, there are two types of RFID reader: handhold and fixed.

Handhold Type Reader

The Handheld reader fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Users carry this portable Reader while looking for specific items such as merchandise, inventory, or other assets.
The Handheld reader not only can be used to manually scan but also program individual tags. Instead of reading all tags in an area at one time, users can selectively read and program only particular items.

Fixed Type Reader

The fixed reader is an RFID interrogator mounted to a permanent or non-mobile structure enabling users to read RFID tag numbers attached to movable items.

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