OPP4215- The Right RFID Tag to Stand High Temperature

To meet the demand of RFID application in some harsh environment, our OPP IOT Technologies designed and developed the High Temperature UHF Metal Tag OPP4215, which can withstand high temperature and still performs so excellently to suit your need.

Heat Resistant RFID Tags
Heat Resistant RFID Tags

Among the analog tags, UHF Metal tag OPP4215 performs very well. Its storage temperature is -55°С to +200°С, it can be stored in high temperature 280°С for 50 minutes, in 250°С for150 minutes as well. Even in the course of operation, it can still withstand low temperature down to -40°С and high temperature up to +150°С, which the data in the specification. In fact, this tag may performs even better than it. That is to say, may withstand high temperature even higher than that.

Furthermore, its IP rating up to IP68. It can be mounted on metal surface with screws through the 2 holes at both ends of it, or with heat-resistant adhesive on its backside, easy and safe.

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