Small UHF RFID tags OPPD6 sticking on the tagging objects

industrial UHF tags
industrial UHF tags

OPP IOT has recently developed UHF Metal Tag-OPPD6, which is designed to mount on metal for tracking usage. In spite of the metal weakening effect on read range, this kind of metal mount RFID tag combines small footprint and stable detecting performance in metallic environment.

By using this UHF metal mount RFID tag, identification around metal or on metal surface is guaranteed to keep high accuracy. It measures 6mm in dia. And small size as it is, this UHF metal tag behaves well in metal environment. What’s more, the capability of storage could be in 96 bits, 512 bits or 2K bits, making it flexible in inventory management.

With these small UHF RFID tags sticking on the tagging objects, it is quite suitable for tracking goods around metal. Furthermore, this small metal mount RFID tag can support ISO18000-6B or ISO18000-6C (EPC C1 Gen2) standards. And it is engineered to provide a read range from 0.45m to 0.85m basing on a normal UHF Reader, specifically to be integrated to RFID management project in metallic environment.

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