RFID tag application in manhole cover Management


The public underground utilities of communications, gas, electricity and others are increasing with the development of infrastructure in our cities, as well as the number of manhole covers of different underground utilities facilities is increasing. At recent, there are some phenomenons that manhole covers are stoled, broken and not managed in time, because of the power of managing manhole covers is not enough. How to improve the manhole covers management is a hard and hot issue that facilities management departments worry about in our country. Government and facilities management departments star to pay high attention to this issue. After losing manhole covers, it is hard to sure the property of manhole covers. Thus, we can’t find property unit and service it in time. It is posserble to monitor the management of manhole covers and maintain road by using RFID techmology with the fast development of RFID technology in our country.

We can install a RFID tag to record impformation at each manhole cover and well location by RFID technology. The property unit can be identified immediately by scanning the tag, and supplement manhole covers in the shortest time when the manhole covers lost.

RFID manhole cover management system is based on RFID technology platform. It consists of low frequency RFID tags, reader, RFID handheld machine and background management software.

RFID tags can be designed to different form, in addition to the requirement of usage. It can be applied on oil, dust, rain and other bad enveroument. Thus, adopting RFID tags as asset identifier can solve the problem of damaging tags in outside to the devices offen used in outside.Radio frequency technology using radio carrier wave communication technology to achieve data exchange and achieve a invisible way of non-touch to read label information. And RFID tags can store data. We can repeatedly write data into it for 100,000 times.

The key data of the main imformation of manhole cover can be recorded in tags by using RFID tags. Each RFID tag has only one ID number all over the world, this ID number is programmed by ROM mold when generating integrated circuit. It can’t be changed. Thus, RFID tags can’t be copied or replaced. We can read the data of RFID tags that installed in devices by handheld devices without opening the cover of devices. Meanwhile, we can quickly hold the key information of manhole covers and the status of the lost manhole covers.