OPPD5-Tiny Body With Big Energy


OPPD5 , an adorable little tag, it comes out for special applications when people want to track things but won’t occupy much space. It is only 5mm, but the reading range reach to 1 meter. With various mounting way, it can even be attached to animal skin and quickly be read. It can be resistant from raining, sunshine and temperature from -40°С to +100°С. It is easily hidden in some certain places for special use, like for children laptops. You may know kids are naughty, and they may tear the tags obviously on laptop. But if use our OPPD5 RFID tag, it is not easy to find, which will help to avoid ripping off from children. The tiny body can be put on many harsh environment to achieve its featured performance.

Manhole Cover RFID tag OPP5427 can be read without opening the manhole Cover


OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd according to market very specific requirements of Manhole cover management ,developed this Special tag OPP5427 Manhole Cover RFID tag ,which should be Installed inside the manhole cover.And we can read the RFID Tags without opening the cove and know its real -time status of lost Manhole cover . The reading distance can reach 1.5m by hand held reader .

The material of tag is PPS., which has strong water-proof . the can be used under -30℃ to +100℃ .The tag are with acorrosion,vibration resistence ,and it is easy for maintenance.

More info see the link :http://www.oppiot.com/RFID-tag-for-manhole-cover.html

Benefits of RFID Tags for Warehouse Inventory

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can do the following:

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can remotely audit an entire warehouse or area with the press of a button. Whether you have to perform a factory wide inventory count or just need to know what you have in a supply room, OPPIOT’s RFID tags can affordably and quickly be set to handle the task.

* Track Inventory in any size warehouse.
* Cycle count an entire area in seconds.
* Pinpoint items located in the wrong area.
* Set up an RFID System without programming.
* Capture tag ID, antenna name, reader name, signal strength and date/time.
* Stream tag info to ODBC databases (Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more), Microsoft Excel or tab-delimited text files.
* Stream data from multiple Fixed RFID locations.
* Integrate any captured RFID scans with your pre-existing Asset and Inventory Systems.