Benefits of RFID Tags for Warehouse Inventory

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can do the following:

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can remotely audit an entire warehouse or area with the press of a button. Whether you have to perform a factory wide inventory count or just need to know what you have in a supply room, OPPIOT’s RFID tags can affordably and quickly be set to handle the task.

* Track Inventory in any size warehouse.
* Cycle count an entire area in seconds.
* Pinpoint items located in the wrong area.
* Set up an RFID System without programming.
* Capture tag ID, antenna name, reader name, signal strength and date/time.
* Stream tag info to ODBC databases (Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more), Microsoft Excel or tab-delimited text files.
* Stream data from multiple Fixed RFID locations.
* Integrate any captured RFID scans with your pre-existing Asset and Inventory Systems.