OPP4215 High Temperature Industrial Tags

high temperature RFID tags
high temperature RFID tags

For industrial manufacture RFID application, there are many cases that need the tag to be bear the high temperature long time. Then you need a high temperature tag to be used in such environment.
OPP4215, specially developed by OPPIOT, is specialized in high temperature solutions for different applications. The tag can withstand temperatures as high as 280°C for limited exposure times(280°С for 50 minutes, 250°С for 150minutes), which most tags in the current markets can’t meet this temperature.

The tag size is 42*15mm, but the reading distance can be up to 7 meters with fixed reader, give you great impression on tag function. The two holes on the tag so you can easily screw the tag on your application. It can be used during car manufacture flow, automation production control and data collection which have high temperature requirement.

OPPIOT has his own technician team and all the tags from OPPIOT all are designed and manufactured by ourselves. All tags pass the tagsurance testing before we ship out. Welcome your inquire , you can easily email to sales1@oppiot.com skype: oprfidtechnology OPPIOT always give you the best experience!