RFID Stainless on Metal Tags


We believe that requirement on RFID / Automation will be higher after the Pandemic, simply as
people would expect to better automate their operation and to less rely on man-power.
For the high requirement for the harsh industrial filed, the need for the reliable and durable tags are demanded more and more. OPPIOT Technologies’s new 304 stainless on metal tag Devil-D30 gives new solution for harsh environment.

The main feature of the Devil-D30 can be embedded into metal subject, without affecting it’s reading performance. And it can resist high temperature up to 300 degrees. The material we are using is 304 stainless, not only give you the classic impression, but also can resist the corrosion of the harsh environment. It’s designed for quick and convenient fixing, easily by bolted or tie-wrapped to an asset. The composition of the tag makes it can work well for tracking of tolls and equipment in the oil filed.

If you want to know more about the OPPIOT’s industrial tags, welcome to contact our sales representative freely, Annie Lee, at sales1@oppiot.com. With detailed project we can give you good suggestion on the suitable industrial tags that meet your project requirement.