OPP IOT’S Devil 8000 high temperature and chemical resistant tag is proven in their survivability under application automotive manufacturing.

Devil-8000 V3http://www.oppiot.com/Devil-8000.html

It is the ultra-high temperature RFID tag that is capable of 300 °C . Which is born for applications of any manufacturing process requiring high heat, chemical,and high pressure capacity.
DEVIL 8000 IS designed for extreme heat applications by ensuring their protection from high temperatures and stress in manufacturing and industrial processes through encapsulation.It is the rugged tag for industrial markets where there require reliable identification of assets.Devil 8000 is guaranteed for the highest quality and excellence and meet the industry’s stringent safety and security requirements.
Peek material with good encapsulation makes the tag excellent in temperature cycling and without damage at meantime of chemical infringed,it is IP68 rating for harsh environment,it performs well under repeated exposure to caustic chemical fluids.Performance on metal surface is 4.2meters with Alien H3 chip EPC up to 480bit and user 512 bits.
OPPIOT target on solution for harsh industry application,our experience provide Devil 8000 will the high efficiency and accuracy,it withstand metal/high temperature to 300 °C and good to exposure under chemical environment,it is perfect for automotive industry manufacturing.

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