OPP4215 High Temperature Industrial Tags

high temperature RFID tags
high temperature RFID tags

For industrial manufacture RFID application, there are many cases that need the tag to be bear the high temperature long time. Then you need a high temperature tag to be used in such environment.
OPP4215, specially developed by OPPIOT, is specialized in high temperature solutions for different applications. The tag can withstand temperatures as high as 280°C for limited exposure times(280°С for 50 minutes, 250°С for 150minutes), which most tags in the current markets can’t meet this temperature.

The tag size is 42*15mm, but the reading distance can be up to 7 meters with fixed reader, give you great impression on tag function. The two holes on the tag so you can easily screw the tag on your application. It can be used during car manufacture flow, automation production control and data collection which have high temperature requirement.

OPPIOT has his own technician team and all the tags from OPPIOT all are designed and manufactured by ourselves. All tags pass the tagsurance testing before we ship out. Welcome your inquire , you can easily email to sales1@oppiot.com skype: oprfidtechnology OPPIOT always give you the best experience!

OPPD5-Tiny Body With Big Energy


OPPD5 , an adorable little tag, it comes out for special applications when people want to track things but won’t occupy much space. It is only 5mm, but the reading range reach to 1 meter. With various mounting way, it can even be attached to animal skin and quickly be read. It can be resistant from raining, sunshine and temperature from -40°С to +100°С. It is easily hidden in some certain places for special use, like for children laptops. You may know kids are naughty, and they may tear the tags obviously on laptop. But if use our OPPD5 RFID tag, it is not easy to find, which will help to avoid ripping off from children. The tiny body can be put on many harsh environment to achieve its featured performance.

Manhole Cover RFID tag OPP5427 can be read without opening the manhole Cover


OPPIOT Technologies Co., Ltd according to market very specific requirements of Manhole cover management ,developed this Special tag OPP5427 Manhole Cover RFID tag ,which should be Installed inside the manhole cover.And we can read the RFID Tags without opening the cove and know its real -time status of lost Manhole cover . The reading distance can reach 1.5m by hand held reader .

The material of tag is PPS., which has strong water-proof . the can be used under -30℃ to +100℃ .The tag are with acorrosion,vibration resistence ,and it is easy for maintenance.

More info see the link :http://www.oppiot.com/RFID-tag-for-manhole-cover.html

Benefits of RFID Tags for Warehouse Inventory

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can do the following:

With OPPIOT’s RFID tags you can remotely audit an entire warehouse or area with the press of a button. Whether you have to perform a factory wide inventory count or just need to know what you have in a supply room, OPPIOT’s RFID tags can affordably and quickly be set to handle the task.

* Track Inventory in any size warehouse.
* Cycle count an entire area in seconds.
* Pinpoint items located in the wrong area.
* Set up an RFID System without programming.
* Capture tag ID, antenna name, reader name, signal strength and date/time.
* Stream tag info to ODBC databases (Access, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server and more), Microsoft Excel or tab-delimited text files.
* Stream data from multiple Fixed RFID locations.
* Integrate any captured RFID scans with your pre-existing Asset and Inventory Systems.

Super large reading range UHF on metal tags

long read range RFID tag
long read range RFID tag

OPP130 UHF on metal tags with long reading range at 30Meters which is designed from OPPIOT Technologies ,its feature is passive RFID tags ,and it is the longest readding range UHF on metal tags in our product line .

The chip for this long range UHF on metal tags is Alien Higgs-3
Size at130*42*10.5mm ,people can install this tags freely on metal surface.then get the long reading range at 30meters ,also can get reading range at 12Meter on non metal surface .

Application industry for our tags OPP130 is at container management in seaport ,cargo management ,and also Outdoor power equipment inspection, pallet management, etc., used in area passive UHF tags and requires 20-30 meters of reading distance.

RFID tags for inventory management

RFID tag does not require a line of sight for scanning. Long range RFID readers can read all RFID tags at the same time and don’t need to scan each RFID sticker on item. For example, In conveyor-based operations, those boxes have to be oriented a certain way on the belt so that the barcode label can be scanned. But RFID tags can be read from any orientation, it can speed up the scanning process and reduce the labor associated with repositioning boxes for scanning. Also, wide range readers can read multiple tags at the same time, so an entire pallet-load of items can be scanned simultaneously.

RFID tags for inventory can reduce labor costs. Labor can account for 50% to 80% of costs in a distribution center. With RFID readers and RFID tags, inventory check-in, regularly inventory counts, picking/pack times, and shipment verification can all be done in seconds or minutes. Processes that used to require multiple employees to complete can be handled automatically with a few scans, now it can be finished in seconds.

RFID tag also improves visibility of inventory by providing real-time updates and faster scanning. With long range RFID readers placed at each portal or doorway, you can know exactly when inventory enters or leaves a location; whatever employees move an item anywhere, it will not affect data accuracy. That RFID tag can also improve the tracking of returns or recalled items by providing real-time updates as the goods re-enter the facility.

For companies that use returnable containers or pallets, RFID tag uses to track those items across the supply chain, optimize asset inventory, and reduce loss or theft. Returnable containers can represent millions of dollars in capital investments, so RFID tag for inventory management is the best way to reduce those expenses.

RFID tags for production processes in the automotive industry

In the automotive industry, the use of RFID tags and RFID reading and writing devices is growing day by day at every step of the production processes, because it is the most reliable way to identify the parts that correspond to each car configured by each customer.

An RFID system can cover every identification need of every plant task from metal plates workshop until the car leaves the factory. The majority of personalizations of a car materialize during assembly, so there are many versions of the same model in the production line. With RFID solutions, the identification of each piece and each car is accurate and updated in real time.

The RFID technology is not only reliable and fast, but it is also very resistant to the roughness of manufacturing, such as high temperatures or corrosive substances. The RFID tags that are used in this sort of industrial implementations are single-use labels which are usually destroyed during or at the end of the manufacturing process.

RFID tags suitable for automotive production processes

On the one hand, there are RFID tags that will work on metal (which interferes with the operation of radio frequency waves), and on the other, those that will be on hard plastics, glass and other materials.

In addition, the materials in which the inlay should be (RFID antenna with a chip inserted on a substrate) must be resistant to the appropriate temperatures and to the substances used in manufacturing.

The RFID tags that work on metal adhere to the piece and are usually on a material that separates the metal antenna from one to two millimetres, so that it does not interfere with the performance of the RFID tag. Another solution to label with RFID metal parts is to use flanges, so that the label is hung and not attached to the sheet, but this solution is not always possible due to issues such as the type of handling of the parts.

As for the RFID tags that are going to adhere to hard plastic parts, these are adhesive RFID tags that do not need that distance between the piece and the antenna.

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RFID tag application in Laundry tracking application

Hospitals, hotels, laundry facilities, or any company with multiple types of textiles have a sorting process for laundering purposes. The laundering process is usually facilitated by 2-8 people at different laundry chutes, and employees may spend hours sorting through laundry. Many laundries are turning to UHF-RFID technology to gain better control of their operations and reduce costs. Early installations prove the technology works.

Laundries report the following results from UHF-RFID tracking system use:
1. Fewer losses and lower inventory replacement costs.
2. Total control identifies loss points and enables remedial actions.
3. Improved labor productivity.
4. Fewer customer complaints.
5. Validated deliveries and pick-ups at customer locations.
6. Improved revenue opportunities and long-term customer relations.
7. Tag and track customer-owned goods or rental items.

RFID tag application in Anti-counterfeit protection

RFID tags can protect your products from counterfeiting and return fraud. Brand owners use RFID tags to validate the authenticity of items and can then take action against unauthorized resellers. During manufacturing, a special brand RFID tag or label is added to your products.

1. Enable your sales teams with easy-to-use tools for authenticating items
2. Allow associates and brand scouts to use mobile devices to verify and validate the origin and authenticity of products in the field.
3. Ensure the authenticity of your branded products and protect their value.
4. Monitor your sales channels and goods as they move through markets.
5. Protect your resellers and customers from fraud and criminal activities.
6. Identify grey market goods and the source of those products entering the market.

OPP4215- The Right RFID Tag to Stand High Temperature

To meet the demand of RFID application in some harsh environment, our OPP IOT Technologies designed and developed the High Temperature UHF Metal Tag OPP4215, which can withstand high temperature and still performs so excellently to suit your need.

Heat Resistant RFID Tags
Heat Resistant RFID Tags

Among the analog tags, UHF Metal tag OPP4215 performs very well. Its storage temperature is -55°С to +200°С, it can be stored in high temperature 280°С for 50 minutes, in 250°С for150 minutes as well. Even in the course of operation, it can still withstand low temperature down to -40°С and high temperature up to +150°С, which the data in the specification. In fact, this tag may performs even better than it. That is to say, may withstand high temperature even higher than that.

Furthermore, its IP rating up to IP68. It can be mounted on metal surface with screws through the 2 holes at both ends of it, or with heat-resistant adhesive on its backside, easy and safe.