EM4450 EM4550 chip CARD

The EM4450/EM4550 is a CMOS integrated circuit intended for use in electronic Read/Write RF Transponders. The difference between EM4450 and EM4550 is that EM4550 are bumped and has megapads for the two coils. The chip contains 1 KBit of EEPROM which can be configured by the user, allowing a write inhibited area, a read protected area, and a read area output continuously at power on. The memory can be secured by using the 32 bit password for all write and read protected operations. The password can be updated, but never read. The fixed code serial number and device identification are laser programmed making every chip unique.

The EM4450/EM4550 will transmit data to the transceiver by modulating the amplitude of the electromagnetic field, and receive data and commands in a similar way. Simple commands will enable to write EEPROM, to update the password, to read a specific memory area, and to reset the logic.

The coil of the tuned circuit is the only external component required, all remaining functions are integrated in the chip.

EM4450/EM4550 Features:
1 KBit of EEPROM organized in 32 words of 32 bits
32 bit Device Serial Number (Read Only Laser ROM)
32 bit Device Identification (Read Only Laser ROM)
Power-On-Reset sequence
Power Check for EEPROM write operation
User defined Read Memory Area at Power On
User defined Write Inhibited Memory Area
User defined Read Protected Memory Area
Data Transmission performed by Amplitude Modulation
Two Data Rate Options 2 KBd (Opt64) or 4 KBd (Opt32)
Bit Period = 64 or 32 periods of field frequency
170 pF ± 2% on chip Resonant Capacitor
-40 to +85°C Temperature range
100 to 150 kHz Field Frequency range
On chip Rectifier and Voltage Limiter
No external supply buffer capacitance needed due to low power consumption
Available in chip form for mass production and PCB and CID package for samples.

EM4450/EM4550 Applications
-Automotive Immobilizer with rolling code
-High Security Hands Free Access Control
-Industrial automation with portable database
-Manufacturing automation
-Prepayment Devices

What is difference between EM4100 and EM4102 ISO card?

In terms of electrical function, there is no difference between EM4100 and EM4102. Both RFID chips work at 125 KHz and with 64 bit RO (read only) memory size. The major difference is that EM4102 chip has gold bumps on the die, and because of this reason coil (antenna) can be directly connected to the die.

EM 4100 die is first packed in a lead frame IC module then connected to the coil. The thickness of lead frame IC module is about 0.4mm. For EM 4102 as shown on Figure 6.2, the coil is directly connected (direct bonding) to EM 4102 die. The thickness of die is about 0.2mm only and in order to do direct bonding task we have to use thinner coil. In short, EM 4100 card needs to embed thicker coil and lead frame IC module.

Since EM 4102 ISO card does not need lead frame IC module and use thinner coil so the card surface will be much flatter than EM 4100 ISO card. The flatter card surface means better printing quality especially when using dye-sublimation printer.


Contact and Contactless cards are plastic identification cards containing electronic memory and, in some cases, an embedded integrated circuit (known as chip cards). They are also sometimes called “smart ID cards” or “RFID cards” depending on the type of card and the smart card vendor.

Security conscious industries (like the medical profession) utilize smart cards to enhance patient privacy and prevent fraud. Smart cards are also able to provide strong security authentication for single sign-on (SSO) in large organizations, as well as identification, authentication, application processing and data storage. Through the use of smart cards, governments and regional authorities are able to reduce budgets tied to expensive processing, and security costs associated with standard license and identification cards.

Advantages of Contactless Cards

Contactless cards house an integrated circuit chip. They provide not only memory capacity, but computational capability as well. The self-containment of a contactless smart card makes it resistant to attack, as it does not depend upon potentially vulnerable external resources. Because of this characteristic, contactless smart cards are often used in different applications which require strong security protection and authentication. For added security, a contactless smart card can be paired with a mobile phone to restrict contactless transactions when the mobile device is not within range, preventing use of the card if stolen.

RFID Smart Card
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is a generic term that is used to describe a system that transmits the identity (in the form of a unique serial number) of an object or person wirelessly, using radio waves. An RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency and transfer the information to a processing device, as well as a transponder (or tag), which is an integrated circuit on the plastic smart card containing the radio frequency circuitry and information to be transmitted. A subtype of RFID is NFC, which stands for near field communication, enabling two devices to communicate within a very short range. NFC cards add a layer of security to information transactions.

Smart card applications include: financial, identification, SIM card, public transit, computer security, school operations, healthcare and more.

Plastic Smart ID Cards Available:

AT AT24C01
AT AT24C02
AT AT24C16
AT AT24C64

Contactless RFID
FM FM1302T
ID TK4100
MIFARE? Classic
MIFARE Ultralight?

Contactless IC Card

The Contactless card range consists of read-only low-frequency ID cards, MIFARE® cards, TypeB cards and CPU cards.
These cards are used for a variety of purposes e.g. identification and electronic wallet etc. As the transmission of power and data requires no physical contact with the card, users can truly enjoy the ease-of-use of contactless technology. No longer do users have to worry about damage during card contact with readers or stains on contact surfaces that may hinder data transmission.

Contactless IC Card Advantages:
As there is no physical contact between card and reader, previous causes for failure e.g. bad reader/card
contacts are significantly minimized
Easy & fast operation
Eliminates the need to insert and retrieve cards from readers, therefore ensuring more user-friendliness.
This product can work within a 10cm distance from the card reader.
This product also works well regardless of orientation or card reader position.
Capable of Multiple Applications
Its special memory structure enables multiple applications to run on this card. It can also run on a variety of systems. Users can define their own code and access condition for each application respectively.
Excellent Authentication and Security
A unique serial number is assigned and written into each card during its manufacturing phase. This serial
number can never be changed after the card leaves the factory.
A mutual validation standard is adopted between card and reader, meaning, the reader needs to verify the
card and the card needs to verify the reader before any transmission can begin.

Contactless IC Card Uses :
Finance and electronic money
Public transportation
Smart building
Community logistics
Social security and related fields

Contact Card

The contact smart cards are named so because they come in contact with the reader. These smart cards are the size of a credit card. A metallic chip is embedded inside the plastic card with a microprocessor and a memory or only with a memory. The contact smart cards are widely used in network security, access control, e-commerce, electronic cash and as health cards.

Material: PVC, PET, PS, ABS
High quality, competitive price
Dimension: ISO85.5x54mm or as request
Thickness: ISO 0.84mm or as request

Available crafts: Silver/Gold background, thermal printing, Encoding, UV printing, Color photo, barcode, Serial number, thermal or inkjet number, Signature panel, Scratch off, Hologram, Magnetic stripe, Embossing, Hot- stamping, Hole punching and so on.

Chip available: Siemens series, SLE4442/5542, SLE4428/5528, Fudan series, AT series, ISSI series, SLE4428/ SLE5528, Fudan4428 contact IC card

Packaging Details (for standard size): White Box: 6*9.3*22.5 cm 200 PCS /BOX, Our Carton: 13*23.5*50cm, 10Boxes/CTN. Or on demand. 1, 000PCS 7KG

Popular Uses: Network security, vending, meal plans, loyalty, electronic cash, government IDs, campus IDs, e-commerce, health cards.

AT24C02 Contact IC Card

AT24C02 Contact IC Card-AT24C02-001 is one type of Contact IC Card, it’s Consists of the chip, the sensor antenna,it’s Packaged in a standard PVC, ABS, PET material card, No exposed parts of the card.the AT24C02 Contact IC Card Reading and writing process, ibetween coupled resonant circuit with the reader via radio waves or contact contact To complete the read and write operations. the AT24C02 Contact IC Card is a non-powered,When the reader read and write to the card reader signals superimposed on the composition consists of two parts: one part is a power signal, the signal received by the card, rather than their own L / C resonance, producing an instant energy tosupply chips work. The other part is a combination of data signals, the command chip to complete the modification of data, storage and return it to the reader, to complete a read or write operation. The data on the card can save more than 10 years long,it’s use to attendance , access control , schools , business , patrol management,hotel.etc

 Contact IC Card Specification
 Material    PVC, ABS, PET
 Size Standard: 20*45mm, 30*50mm, 86*54*0.76mm, 160*90mm or customized
 Thickness  For the pvc card, thichkness:0.38-2mm, for the chip pvc card. thickness:0.86-2mm
 Chip Type  AT24C02
 Work Frequency
Surface Glossy, Matte and Frost
Available Artworks/Crafts Gold/silver hot stamping | Embossed number | Gold/slver wire drawing
Gold/sliver silk-screen printing | Lase  logo | UV spot | Barcode | QR code ect.
Application attendance , access control , schools , business , patrol management,hotel.etc..
  Declare The attached picture is only reference. We provide services of designing 
and  manufacturingaccording to customer requirements.
 Packaging 200pcs/box, 25boxes/carton, Box size: 22.5*9.3*6cm, carton size:47*23.5*30cm Weight: 1000pcs 7KG, 5000pcs 35KG
Payment Just accpet TT or Western Union or Alibaba Trade Assurance System(cc)
Delivery Time   3-7 working days after all detail is confirmed and recieved the payment

Atmel AT24C64 Contact IC Cards

AT24C64 contact smart card is one of the most popular memory chip card that used in Hotel, Membership, E-ticket, etc. We promise the stable function, good printing, thickness, cost control, fast delivery, strong package.

1)Material: High Quality PVC/ABS/PET/PETG;
2)Size: ISO CR80 standard(86mm x 54mm) or customized;
3)Thickness: on your demond;
4)Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz or 125Khz;
5)Standard: depend on the chips;
6)Read Distance: depend on the chips;
7)Read Times: >100 000;
8)Certificate: ISO 9001-2000,SGS;
9)Available Crafts: 4 color off-set printing,magnetic stripe,embossing number,signature panel,photo,barcode,thermal printing, gold/shiver color scratch-off,series number punch,hole punched,UV printing,etc;
10)Package Details:
For standard card(85.5*54*0.86mm): White box: 6*9.3*22.5 CM(200pcs/box) Cart
We are one of the best Smart Cards manufacturers China, we also supply different types of Contact IC Cards products, waiting for your pleasant cooperation!

SLE4442 Contact IC Smart Cards

SLE4442 Contact IC Smart Cards

SLE4442 is one of the most popular chip card that used in security area,such as access control,loyalty system,etc. The striking advantages are stable function and the most cost-efficient price.

1)Material: High Quality PVC/ABS/PET/PETG;
2)Size: ISO CR80 standard(86mm x 54mm) or customized;
3)Thickness: on your demond;
4)Operating Frequency: 13.56Mhz or 125Khz;
5)Standard: depend on the chips;
6)Read Distance: depend on the chips;
7)Read Times: >100 000;
8)Certificate: ISO 9001-2000,SGS;
9)Available Crafts: 4 color off-set printing,magnetic stripe,embossing number,signature panel,photo,barcode,thermal printing, gold/shiver color scratch-off,series number punch,hole punched,UV printing,etc;
10)Package Details:
For standard card(85.5*54*0.86mm): White box: 6*9.3*22.5 CM(200pcs/box) Carton: 52.5*22.5*15 CM(10boxes/CTN)
Standard size card weight (only for reference):1,000pcs is for 6kg;
11)MOQ: 500pcs;
12)Sample Supply: Free samples are available on your request;

enterprises,bank,traffic,insurance,super marketing,parking,school,library management access control,etc;