Five Ways to Attach RFID Tags

RFID tags can attach to different surface types using a variety of mounting techniques. Depending on the material, improper attachment can cause read rates to decline, impacting user ability to track and manage assets.

Film Adhesive
Film adhesive is quick and easy to apply. It is the least expensive method and, as a result, it is used in the majority of RFID tags today. It is especially useful for fixed assets.

Foam Adhesive
Foam adhesive is a more rugged solution. It is stronger than film and the preferred application technique for more durable assets but also for those that remain fixed.

Epoxy Adhesive
Epoxy adhesive is the strongest adherent, typically utilized to cover embedded tags or affix tags to assets that experience significant travel and wear-and-tear.

Screw and/or rivet adhesive is often used in tandem with a more durable tag and requires tools to affix and remove.

Wire/Cable Tie
Wire and cable ties are implemented when the above options are not workable. This method works well for unusually shaped items, like cables and other hard-to-tag items, but it is not very durable.

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