ATT5557 chips in access control system

While as technology developed, the traditional EM4100 chip is no longer worked well, because the ID number could be easily duplicated, which make its safety severely be doubted.

Then ATA5557 chips emerged in the stage, it is a chip with pin code embedded, which allow user to set up the password for safety concerns.

To better protect the password, this T5557 chip also adopt a interesting settings, which if the password misread for over 3 times, the chip will permanently locked and can not be used any more.

The market’s response is so appreciated that access control systems based on T5557 chips rapidly occupy the market.

What is difference between the ATA5567 and the T5557 LF technology?

ATA5567, designed for use in low-frequency cards and key fobs for access control in office buildings, hospitals, animal management and the like, complies with the ISO 11784 and 11785 FDX-B standards. The ATA5567 is more stable than its predecessor T5557 chip, to which the ATA5567 is backward-compatible. The ATA5567 measures less than 1 square millimeter and operates between 100 and 150 KHz.the. The ID enables the retraceability of the product in case of problems with illegal duplicates or counterfeiting and prevents unauthorized access to secured areas.